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We have a growing list of online programs, tools and courses which can help your business understand, quantify, and overcome the parameters aligned to sustainability. Such as energy, water, resources, waste and emissions.

This 12-week mentorship is designed to help you clear your path in creating a perfectly aligned sustainability career. To shift your life towards a sustainably focused, purpose-aligned career in this rapidly changing sustainable market economy. You will receive the following:

>> Unlimited 20-minute coaching calls

>> Unlimited messaging support - direct messages

>> Unlimited email support

>> Assigned tasks and roadmap action plans

>> Posts & Emails templates

The Sustainability Desktop Audit is a four-step process. It includes completing a sustainability checklist, a one-on-one strategy session, followed by a complete Desktop Assessment on opportunities to reduce:

>> Energy
>> Resources  &
>> Costs  


Finally, you receive a  Desktop Report with an assessment of the opportunities and a closing session.

This is a 6-Week Comprehensive Program that is designed to be partly online. It is designed to help your business reduce the GHG emissions profile.


The other key outcomes of the course include an opportunity analysis, cost savings, a sustainability expert in your back pocket, an implementable roadmap to net-zero and a KPI & accountability framework.


The Roadmap Program is built to address the business barriers and shift the net emissions from the business towards zero.